Q.  How much are your custom prom dresses, Suits and Blazers? 
A. Our custom prom dresses start at $1,500 and up. Custom suits start at $1,500 and up. Custom Blazers start at $995 and up.  

Q. How do I properly inquire about a custom design?  

A. We receive alot of emails, texts and calls regarding inquiries. So in order to expedite the initial process we ask that you send us the following information;  

Email us at
In the subject box of the email put your first and last name and prom 2020 at the end and For example Jasmine Brown Prom 2020 or Malik Jones 2020.  

Also state your location and weather you will be traveling to NYC or sending professional measurements. 

In the email also attach 2 pictures of yourself.  A selfie or closeup so we can see your skin tone to help establish the optimal color choice for you.  The second picture should a full body picture wearing something form fitting so that we can see your silhouette. Include your general dress size(xs,s,m,l,xlxxl,xxxl,0,2,4,6,8,10 etc).

Attach pictures and detailed descriptions of the custom design you want and also include your price range for example my price range is 1500-2500.  Please make sure you send a detailed email. Emails that does not have the proper information will prolong a response. 

Q.How do I reserve my spot for Prom 2020? 

A. For Prom 2020 space is limited.  If you would like to get a custom design made you will need to submit the $250 secure-my-spot/consultation fee.  This fee will ensure that we will be able to accept your order for Prom 2020.  You will need to book this fee weather you are located in the New York area or outside the New York area.  If you are able to travel to New York we will schedule an appointment accordingly.  When we meet in person we will conduct measurements, discuss the details of your custom design, shop for fabric and materials and you will submit half down as the deposit. The $250 will be subtracted from your total .   We will establish a price range prior to you booking the consultation so that there are no surprises.  Once the appointment is booked we will be in contact with you to discuss and confirm every detail.  Once all the measurements,fabric/materials has been finalized we will beginning designing your custom masterpiece. Prior to starting the custom design; half must be submitted and the other half is to be paid once it's complete.  If you live outside of New York and is not able to come in for measurements you will need to get professional measurements done at your local bridal,dress shop or mens wearhouse. This secure-my-spot/consultation fee is non-refundable. You can pay via Venmo Oliverzavi- oe cash app Oliverzavi21 9174072253.


Q. I have no idea what I want to wear for Prom 2020. Can I still reserve a spot?  

A. Absolutely reserving a spot just ensures that we will be accept your custom design order.  We will also be fair with the pricing. We will not just charge any amount because you are locked in we do not operate like that. We believe in values and integrity.

Q. Do you ship out of state?

A. Yes we ship worldwide however there are a lot of intricate factors that come along with custom designs such as the clients measurements, fabric/material availability, turn around time frame, etc. Once we all the proper information regarding your order we will decide if we will accept the order or not.  

Q. Can I just text or call you?


A. We will text or call you once you become our client.  Once the Prom 2020 appointment/secure-my-spot is booked we will text or call you.  Otherwise you will need to book the $25 phone consultation located in bookings.

Q. Is the fabric included in the price?  

A. Yes the price that we quote you includes fabric cost.  

Q.I have booked my appointment/consultation what form of payment do you accept? 

A.  We accept cash only.  We use that cash to purchase your fabric and materials.  Due to past fraudulent occurrences we must conduct business this way. We apologize for any inconvenience. For customers that are outside the NYC area, you can pay via Cashapp or Venmo.


Q. Where are you located?  
A. New York location

257 W. 39th st, 14th floor,
New York, NY, 10108

Paris, France location

5 Passage Dagorno, 75020, Paris, France

Q. My prom date and I both want custom designs. How does that work? 
A. Both you and your date will need to book separate consultations.  One for the dress and one for his suit or blazer. Once the appointment consultation is booked.  We will schedule the appointment for both of you to come in together.  At the appointment, we will discuss every detail of your dress and his suit or blazer. Take measurements for both, select/purchase fabric for both. Once this entire process has been completed we will review and finalize every detail. We will accept half down as the deposit on both the dress and his suit or blazer.
Q. Do you have a payment plans?
A. To begin the custom design we accept a 50% deposit and once the dress is completed we will accept the remaining 50%. 
Q.  I have submitted my order but I can I change my dress?
A. Once the order is submitted our team begins working right away. Therefore we cannot change the design that you ordered. 
Q. I'm so worried that my dress will not be what I dreamed, how can I trust your company?  
A.  Oliver Zavi has built a brand of professionalism, honesty and craftsmanship.   We pay attention to every single detail.  You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and tumblr to read and see all the testimonials of our past happy clients and customers.  
Q. How many fittings will be needed? 
A. There are 3 different ways we conduct fittings. 
1. If you are located in the New York area we will meet a total of 2 times.  Once to conduct measurements, fabric selection and deposit etc. The final meeting will be to fit and try on the dress.  At the final fitting we will alter the dress and make sure it fits perfectly.  These alterations will take 2-3 hours max.  Should the alterations time exceed 2-3 then we will schedule another fitting accordingly.   When the dress fits perfectly you will pay the remaining 50% and take the dress home the same day.  
2. If you are located outside of New York or in another state and is willing to travel to New York.  When the design has been decided upon. We will need professional measurements taken at a local bridal or dress shop.  Once the measurements and deposit have been submitted we will send you fabric samples to choose from. Should your dress require beaded lace, embroidery or appliqu├ęs of any kind. We will send picture options for you to choose from.  Once we receive your final selections the designing process will begin.  When the dress is complete we will schedule a fitting at our headquarters in New York.  
3. Send professional measurements and have the dress shipped to you.  
Q. I have submitted my prom dress or Suit order but I'm so nervous, the anxiety is too much and I'm really feeling the pressure.  How is my dress or Suit looking so far?  
A. Prom standards are higher than ever before and we want you to look your absolute best.  We know that there are a lot of expenses and stress that comes along with prom and senior year.  Most importantly we know that your prom is a VERY special and important occasion.  With that said.  You have selected Oliver Zavi and his team to design your masterpiece.  So please just trust Oliver Zavi's genius to deliver excellence.  Once your order is submitted don't stress. We got this! We will also be facetiming you and sending you frequent updates according to our schedule.  
Q. Where is Zavi made? 
A. Zavi was founded and created by Oliver Zavi. Zavi is designed, made and completed at our headquarters in Manhattan, New York.  Each garment, pattern or sketch is done or over seen by Oliver Zavi. In conclusion, you will be getting a quality garment that is made in the USA.  
Q. I have a picture of the dress or suit I want made, will the dress or suit look exactly like the picture? 
A. From the start we will let you know if the design will look exactly like the pictures that you sent.  In general pictures that you send servers as inspiration.  Sometimes the design will look exactly like the picture.  The final product has many deciding factors such as a different body type, different measurements, available material/fabric and pattern distribution.  We always aim to exceed our client's expectations. But by submitting your order you are trusting our expertise to create a garment that is special, unique and tailored to your custom measurements. 

Q. I'm a very picky promzilla will you be able to design my dress? 

A. Oliver Zavi and his team pays close to attention to detail and always aim to exceed a client's expectations however if we get the feeling that you will be impossible to please we will not accept the order.  We reserved the right at any given time to refuse the order.  

Q. What is a promzilla? 

A. A promzilla is a prom client that is impossible to please. Even if the dress, suit or blazer is perfect they are still not pleased.  We go above and beyond to please our clients. We are used to working with clients that are very particular but we will not do business with promzillas. 


Q.I have submitted my order and I'm very excited! How can I be featured on your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc? 


We love featuring our clients on social media! We just ask that the images are captivating and polished.  Professional photographer is preferred but not required.  Just make sure the images are high resolution and fabulous! 


Q. I am on a budget, how can I get the design but cheaper?  

A. We understand that times are tough nowadays and we aim to give our clients the best possible price, design and craftsmanship.  We are based in Manhattan, New York. We have Manhattan rent, purchase all the materials and fabric right here in Manhattan. From start to finish the design is completed in Manhattan. Along with all these combined factors our services for custom designs are expensive but we are the best in game and you deserve the best.


Q. I have champagne taste but soda pop money and another designer gave me a way cheaper price than you did. Can you match their price?


A. There's nothing wrong with desiring a custom design that's out of your price range. Usually customers don't realize just how much it costs to purchase quality fabric, beading, lace, lining, crystals, tulle, etc.  When we design for our clients we do not spare expenses with the fabric and materials required. We also give the best possible craftsmanship.  As for you getting a much cheaper price quote from another designer, that designer will not have our touch and reputation. More than likely if the price is  cheaper then you will be getting cheap fabric. Their design will probably end up looking cheaper.  If cheap is what you want then we are not the designer for you.


Q.I love all your work from the past prom seasons and I want to work with you to create my own unique design.  But I'm worried that my design will be sold in the future. How can you guarantee me that my design will not be resold on your shop custom designs page? 


A. We have the shop custom designs page to showcase a portfolio of our past work.  If the design was from one of our collections then the design is allowed to be resold. At Zavi we specialize in uniqueness and one-of-a-kind custom creations and we always encourage our clients to change some features or the color to make it their own and to standout from everyone else.  


Q. I have booked my appointment but I may be running late what if I miss the appointment?  

A. We do not operate on CP time, late people time or any other time that has to do with tardiness.  We operate on a strict professional schedule.  You must be on time for the appointment no exceptions. You will have a 10 minute grace period after that you will be charge a $50 late fee and should you be more than 45 minutes late you will need to rebook the appointment and that $250 will not be subtracted from your design total.  Please it is not our intentions to charge you more money but punctuality is very important.  

Q. I plan on losing some weight will be custom design still fit me? 

Yes we use strategic seaming when designing our custom masterpieces. For our women's designs we often work with quality stretch material giving our clients room for changes in weight.  You can lose or gain up to 10 pounds and your custom design will still fit.   Gentlemen it's the same case for your our custom suits will allow you to go up down one size or up one size.  Ultimately we can always make the custom design smaller but not bigger.  It's best if you remain the same size as when the measurements were conducted initially. 

Q. I will be traveling from out of state to get my custom design. What is the best way to travel?  

A. It all depends on where you are traveling from.  New York City can be challenging to travel in and out of.  Parking and tolls are very expensive.  We suggest comparing the options of driving and taking the bus. To determine which option is cheaper.

 Q. I inquired about a custom designs sometime ago but the price has changed, why is that?  

A. The price that we quote you at that moment is subject to change due to availability, fabric cost increase, time or rush orders.  Earlier orders will get better price quotes. 

Q. I've booked my appointment but I haven't told my parents or guardian the real price of the custom design.  What should I do? 

A.  From start to finish we will be in contact with your parent or guardian about the entire process of the custom design.  We wouldn't want you to show up to the appointment and waste our time, your time or your parent or guardian's time.  Once you book the appointment and become our client we will be in contact with your parent or guardian immediately. 

Q. I would like to order a custom design but I am out of state and I'm plus size. How does this work?  

A. Plus size orders requires extra attention due to the different plus size silhouettes.  We prefer to work with plus size clients that are able to travel to New York for us to conduct the measurements and fittings.  If we feel that the order is possible to execute without you traveling to us we will let you upfront.  But in order to determine that we will need professional measurements and a detailed description of the custom design you want and you will need to book a phone consultation. In addition we love working with plus clients but our starting price is more than the regular starting price.  Plus size orders require multiple fittings, more time, more effort, more fabric and we will accept the order only if we feel that the desired design will make the client look their absolute best.


Q. My Final fitting is coming up soon, what do I need to bring with me? 


A. You will need to bring the remaining deposit in cash.  In addition, please bring some heels in similar height to those that you'll wear to prom. Proper under garments (such nipple pasties, seamless thong, double-sided tape, strapless bras etc). Please make sure that you eat something. The fitting will last 2-3 hours and we don't want you to pass out or feel light headed because you didn't eat for 2-3 days thinking that you won't fit into the dress.  The dress is going to fit don't worry or stress about it.  Please follow these instructions.  We have had several clients come to the fittings on an empty stomach. An empty stomach combined with the anticipation and anxiety of the dress fitting is a recipe for disaster. So just please eat and be hydrated for the fitting. In addition we will be recording the story of the process from start to finish so please make sure you look presentable (comb your hair, wear something cute, maybe some lipgloss lol).  If you can dress up a little that's even better.  We want you to look your absoltue best throughout creating your custom masterpiece

Gentlemen for your final fitting please bring your button down shirt, accessories (bow-tie, tie, cuff links, shoes, pocket square) etc.  We want to see the entire look come together. We will also be recording as well so please come looking presentable.  If you do not wish to be recorded please inform us from the very beginning.   Getting a custom design creation is special but what makes even more special is the story behind it.


Q. How many people are allowed to come with me  to the fitting? 


A. Prom is a very special occasion in a young person's life. It's an occasion that is anticipated for years in advance by the prom client and the prom client's family.  We also know that the family loves being apart of the custom prom design process.  However, you are only allowed to bring up to 4 people with you to the fitting.  That means that you can bring 4 people MAXIMUM with you to your final fitting no exceptions.  We would love for the entire family to come but this is Manhattan, New York where space is limited.  We graciously ask that you honor this policy.  To further explain we have had several clients show up to the fitting with 10-15 people.  Should you exceed the maximum people allowed you will be charged $75 per extra person.